About Adam

It started with a puppy

My now social skateboarding pitbull wasn’t always so social. At first, he was a puppy who was very aggressive, so much so I almost took him back. I instead sought out the help from professionals and it began my dog training journey.

How I started on my journey


Over the next five years I went on to not only learn dog training, but people training as well. Dogs are easy, we are the one’s who have to learn how to communicate with them.

After years of practice in the real world with great results I decided to write a book and share what works with the world.

8 Commands to change your life

I have identified just 8 commands needed to get our dog to listen in any situation. Those 8 commands are: heel,come,sit,down,stay,go place, leave it, and focus.

Armed with those commands you can talk your dog through many situations and build habits. For instance your dog might not know not to jump when people come over, but if the dog has a reliable sit, it would be easy to show the dog what we want.

Sometimes it’s not that easy. I get it your not a dog trainer, what works for some dogs doesn’t work for all dogs, and you want help. I will make it easy, fun, customize the training, train the dog, and even you.

It works if you work it

The secret if anything is time. I can show you the most powerful techniques in the world, but without practice, it won’t do much.

Fortunately training your dog can be done on your walks, and throughout your daily life.

If your ready to have the dog of your dreams I will help you get there.

The MasterPaw