MasterPaw Freedom

All the awesome training from our “Good Dog” package, with true off leash freedom. Take your dog everywhere with 100% confidence they will listen. Ready?

Key Benefits

    • Energy Based
    • Off Leash freesom-Take your dog anywhere with 100% reliability
    • No more pulling. Your dog will follow your lead in minutes! (heel)
    • With and without treats
    • Learn about LeaderWalks-turning your boring walks into training walks!
    • Customized for you, your dog and lifestyle
    • Sit, Down, Stay , Come, Go Place, Leave it
    • Manners-No more jumping, bolting through doors, or biting
    • In Home/And in public!
    • One on One
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Complete off-leash control has never been easier. With weekly sessions, expert training, and follow through you will have that dog you always wanted.