Do you want to learn more about dogs, than most people will know in a lifetime? Develop a magical connection with your dog beyond typical dog training.

If you haven’t viewed my YouTube videos you should right now. I am not an “average” dog trainer, I specialize in helping my customers get the same focus, obedience, and relationship as I do with my dogs.

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There are so many options out there. Dog training is not about “just” treats. I believe in treats wholeheartedly, but how do you get dogs to listen when the don’t feel like it? You develop a bond past treats, you become the treat.

Group training is great, but shouldn’t be first step. There is way too much info when you are both starting off. Distractions proof behavior, so when you and your dog are just getting started this could be a huge waste of time. Learn first, and your dog will follow. Not only do I teach from experience, I understand dogs on a deeper level.  From my famous dogs, training clients, police dog training, competitions, and more. When you work with MasterPaw, you learn directly from me and my vast knowledge.

I have helped thousands of people not only train their dogs, but access a deeper understanding of their dogs forever. From energy, proven techniques, and even some skill, I can break down dogs very well to anyone.

Whether you are looking for 

  • One On One Private Dog In Home Training Customized To Your Lifestyle
  • Want To Learn Online Via A Step By Step Course
  • Want Video Training Online Worldwide

My training and pricing is totally customized to fit your lifestyle.

“Adam has a true gift. I will miss our training sessions. Adam knows what your dog and you need. His training style is consistent and natural. He truly does have a gift to engage you and your dog for success. Thank you Adam! Lola and i will keep working to make you proud!”

I started off like most of you. I had owned dogs my whole life, but my (now super trained skateboarding pitbull) Diesel, was aggressive. I looked up a ton of videos online, and what worked behind closed doors didn’t work when I had real life distractions. I need a way to communicate with my dogs beyond treats. So started my journey. I volunteered at the Anit Cruelty, learned from top professionals, learned police dog training, competition dog training, service dog training, got famous on YouTube, and even wrote a book!

I have trained thousands of dogs worldwide, and already know what problems you are going to face. What you are probably doing wrong, how to communicate with dogs no matter what, how to gain a focus/working relationship, train on walks, and most importantly pass on this knowledge to you.

Do you want to learn about dog training or do you want someone to do it for you?

With one on one I share with you all my secrets. You will learn how I train dogs. How to use treats, and how not to, how to gain confidence, focus, how your dog thinks, how to train any dog for life, stop leash pulling in minutes, understand dog “energy”, you will learn more about your dog, and gain an incredible bond along the way.

With my in home training, or online training you will have access to online video library that you can go back and reference.  This is not the same videos you see on YouTube that leave you guessing. This is a step by step guide to train your dog. This will teach you many different techniques to get your dog to listen , and love it in the process. You will have weekly training homework, and will be coached by me along the way.

Or we could do the work for you.. 

Don’t have time to train your dog, or just want it done for you?

With our weekly drop off/pick up training your dog will learn with us during the day, and will enjoy them at night.  You will get a daily break down so that you can see what we showed your dog. At the end of the week, your dog will be trained, and we will show you how to keep it up.

Now you can learn from the comfort of your home with my online video courses/skype/or online video training.

Not only will you get the same training, I will coach you through the entire process. You will learn all my secrets and have all the time in the world to train on your own. This is broken down into a simple to follow program that comes with step by step training with many different techniques to help you master those paws.

This is a great option for dog owners to purchase before any type of one on one or group training. Groups can be great after the dogs know what you want from them. Most of the time group training isn’t enough and is too much distractions for the dog, and owner to learn what they need to learn.

MasterPaw Dog Training Is So Good It’s GUARANTEED. Learn From A Master, and understand dogs on a level most never will.

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Puppy Training

Get started the right way. I’ll teach you how to talk your pup through this crazy life. I teach with and without treats. It’s great to help a puppy learn how to do everything with treats, but it’s important not to be dependant on the treats/clicker to listen. 

Start the right way today!

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Dog Training    

Are you looking for the best customized training for your dog? Whether you want to learn how to train, or want us to train your dog for you while your at work. MasterPaw is proven to train your dog beyond your wildest dreams.

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Let me show you the secrets to dog training with your energy. I do an array of different workshops designed to help you understand your dog in a way you would never have thought possible.

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Online Or The Book

I’ve helped thousands of people achieve that good dog world wide.  These techniques are proven to work. From my book, world famous Belgian Malinois,  rest assured I can help you with you and your dog, and unleash all of your potentials!

If I can’t see you personally you can still get my training online or from my book!

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Jennifer W.

Park Ridge
Adam has a true gift. I will miss our training sessions. Adam knows what your dog and you need. His training style is consistent and natural.

Marie B.

And here we are, almost a year later.  With a two and a half year old amazing dog.  Who listens. And walks like a normal dog. And who is my 18 month olds best friend. Thank you Adam. You are incredible. You really helped my family.

Amy J.


Aside from the training skills thatI’ve learned, Adam is great towork with and easy to talk to. He’s always been available for me and is really accommodating to my personal needs and requests.

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Park Ridge, Norridge, Oak Park,Niles, Des Plaines,Arlington Heights, Mount Prospect, Bensenville, Addison, and surrounding suburbs