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Learn how to get that dog you’ve always wanted, while training on your walks, building your bond, and obedience through the MasterPaw training method. 

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For dog owners who want to bring out the fullest potential


There are a lot of training options available. Should you learn from group training, follow YouTube videos or do it in home with a professional? Better to be right than mess up and spend unnecessary time and money getting more training. 

Group dog training, is great once your dog is trained, but at first it’s best to learn everything together. There is a lot to dog training, and we teach you everything. From how to hold the leash, all the commands, and how to project your body language/energy. Groups are usually waste of money. Best case you will go there to socialize. You will usually need a year of group training you would accomplish in a real world training environment.

Learn where your dog lives. It’s important to set the tone for your dogs whole life. Doesn’t it make sense to train where they spend most of their time? Dogs learn in pictures, so is especially important in your home. Dog training is about teaching the dog what you want vs don’t. It’s my job to teach you how to communicate with your dog. I help you become bigger than “a treat”

First I ttrain the dog to figure out what works best for you and your lifestyle, and then teach the different techniques they respond to best. One lesson with MasterPaw will give you more results than any group class.

With my 2 word reward, you are able to teach the dog with and without treats. You don’t want your dog to only listen when you have a bag of treats!

Do you want to learn how to get the most out of your dog and get them to listen? To do that you must train yourself, and your dog will follow. Board and trains are great, but you miss out on the best part, the journey getting there. Often times a lot of trainers use high-level shock collars, but if you’re looking for an expert dog trainer, then you probably don’t want to hurt your dog. Anyone can shock their dog, it takes a whole other type of training to do it more naturally.

Who this training is for:

  • Customers looking to unlock their dog’s fullest potential
  • Interested understanding and communication on master level!
  • Owners looking to go beyond treats,clickers, and pain
  • Advanced Dog Training/ TRUE OFF LEASH
  • Energy Training (the unspoken word/body language)

Who this is not for:

  • Only looking for sit, down, stay with treats and clickers
  • Owners who want to walk their dogs at the end of a 10ft flexi
  • Minature/Small Dogs
  • Group Classes

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Lets Meet 

Puppy Training

Get started the right way. I’ll teach you how to talk your pup through this crazy life. I teach with and without treats. It’s great to help a puppy learn how to do everything with treats, but it’s important not to be dependant on the treats/clicker to listen. 

Start the right way today!

Dog Training    

Can I help you get the dog of your dreams? There is so much more to dog training than treats. Let me show you how to change your relationship forever through energy training. Want your dog to focus on you? Or be able to take them anywhere and listen? Through MasterPaw training you will learn how to get that and more.

Specializing in medium to large dogs, and will teach you things most will never know.




Let me show you the secrets to dog training with your energy. I do an array of different workshops designed to help you understand your dog in a way you would never have thought possible.

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Online Or The Book

I’ve helped thousands of people achieve that good dog world wide.  These techniques are proven to work. From my book, world famous Belgian Malinois,  rest assured I can help you with you and your dog, and unleash all of your potentials!

If I can’t see you personally you can still get my training online or from my book!

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Jennifer W.

Park Ridge
Adam has a true gift. I will miss our training sessions. Adam knows what your dog and you need. His training style is consistent and natural.

Ciara P.

And here we are, almost a year later.  With a two and a half year old amazing dog.  Who listens. And walks like a normal dog. And who is my 18 month olds best friend. Thank you Adam. You are incredible. You really helped my family.

Amy J.


Aside from the training skills thatI’ve learned, Adam is great towork with and easy to talk to. He’s always been available for me and is really accommodating to my personal needs and requests.

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